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What’s your video equipment guys?

This is one of the most frequently questions our colleagues asked us. We have decided to collect all the information down here, so if you are interested you can buy the equipment on Amazon, or just learn more about the Video equipment evergreen film.

Una delle domande più frequenti che riceviamo è: Che attrezzatura utilizzate? Abbiamo deciso di raccogliere tutte le informazioni in questo articolo. Quì sotto troverete la lista della nostra attrezzatura video.

“In simple words, whatever you were born to do, you were equipped to do it. You are a whole equipment for success!”

We always start from the assumption that it is not the equipment you use, but the eyes with which you look at things that make the difference. Ideas, one’s knowledge and experience are the most precious asset an author has with him. But equipment helps us put these ideas into practice.

Evergreen films is not tied to any brand, over the years we have always chosen based on our tastes and our experience, therefore all we suggest is what we really use. As all of us are fascinated by technology, but in our work, we need to balance what is truly useful or what is fascinating but too much for the work we do. We always prefer versatility and lightness, even if this involves making sacrifices.

Video equipment evergreen film 



This is a wonderful lens in many ways, the resolution is excellent even at maximum aperture and the distortion is minimal if not absent. it is the best we use on jimbal because of the very precise and fast autofocus.

Usually we always use the same focal throughout the day, but sometimes it happens that it is necessary to maintain a greater distance with the filmed subject. This focal length is a good compromise for us.


  • PANCOLAR 50 f1.8
  • VOIGTLANDER 50 f1.8

These are the lenses that we mainly use, they are manual optics that are connected to the camera with an adapter. They are fascinating and unique lenses, these lenses have a peculiar performance and an interaction with light that is not found with modern lenses. We will soon review these lenses, where to find them and what are the characteristics that make them unique.




This is the list of our current video equipment, if you are curious or have questions to ask us, follow us on Instagram. Each week we will delve into a different topic, maybe you can find some information that interests you!



  • Rocco Kun 19 September 2020 at 10:56 PM

    Hi guys, found this website when I casually browsing in vimeo.
    What in camera setting did you use for Sony? picture profile etc. Thx

    • forma 21 October 2020 at 1:28 PM

      Hi Rocco, thank you! we use Sony a7s II, Slog 2 🙂


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